Emma Barnett se reunió con el locutor deportivo y exfutbolista de Inglaterra Gary Lineker para hablar sobre la controversia que rodea a Qatar como anfitrión de la próxima Copa del Mundo, por qué cree que los futbolistas a menudo son tratados injustamente y sus tres reglas de oro cuando se trata de publicar en Twitter. Entrevista grabada el 9 de noviembre de 2022. #Qatar #Sports #GaryLineker — Bloomberg Quicktake está transmitiendo noticias para una visión global y una toma informada. Vea noticias en vivo sobre las historias que cambian su negocio y su mundo, con la tecnología de 2700 periodistas en 120 países. Profundice con programas originales sobre negocios, tecnología, política y cultura. Visite nuestros otros canales de YouTube: Quicktake: Now – Quicktake: Explicación – Quicktake: Originales – Para ver la cobertura completa en Bloomberg Quicktake 24/7, visite o mire en Apple TV, Roku, Samsung Smart TV, Fire TV y Android TV en Bloomberg aplicación ¡Conéctate con nosotros! Twitter: Facebook: Instagram:

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44 comentarios en «Gary Lineker on the Qatar World Cup, David Beckham and Speaking Out»
  1. Gary has lost all my respect, he is a two faced hypocrite, he is the puppet of BBC. If he had actual issue with Qatar human rights he wouldn't of stepped in the country he would ACTUALLY boycott the country because it would be against his views and morals. You cannot say I am against a country hosting a world but then still visit the country to present the World Cup. Clearly money its an important factor more important then his values and views. He is a hypocrite a racist anti Muslim its very clear and evident. #shameonyougarylineker you are a true disappointment.

  2. This guy preaching about human rights in Qatar is a hypocrite,he took millions of dollars working for the Qatari channel,al jazeera,plus he Holidays in Dubai regularly,a country which was built by the same migrants

  3. The LGBTQ+ rights need to looked at and digested democratically…… rather than prejudged opinion and pre_concept ideas based on bigotry about a certain cace and religion ( Arabs and Muslims)
    100% of UK citizens support gay relationships which the sitting government give them full inclusive rights and everyone in the uk has to respect that and if anyone don't it will be against the law.
    100% of citizens in Qatari are against gay relationships so the sitting government has to respect that and make it against the law and everyone has to respect that and if anyone don't it will be against the law

    It's really disturbing how the British media is trying to force the western way of life on literally every nation and if they don't agree they will be offenders is that democracy!!

    Qatar and Muslim countries and Muslims in general will never accept gay relationships not now not tomorrow not ever.

    Wake up and smell the coffee

  4. The numbers of deaths in Qatar aren't from Indian and Nepalese on football stadium accidents they are numbers of Everyone NON QATARI who has died in Qatar over last 12 years. Americans Kenyan British Filipino Pakistani russian . I know a British guy who had a heart attack in a swimming pool he didn't die building a football stadium …The media brainwash people into believing what they want

  5. Haha! The sort of british human right , not Mr Lineker nor this lady never mentioned one of the world worst crime and human right abuse when about 4 years ago the uk police were involved in it's cover up; the involvment of the british government in sexualy abusing children and the uk police who suppose to protect the law destroyed all the evidence 🙄

  6. Detailed Response to Gary Lineker, Qatar World Cup 2022. A Nuanced Lesson in Diversity and Inclusion. I respond to Gary Lineker's points he made during his monologue during the opening ceremony of the Qatar World Cup 2022. The topics discussed are as follows:

    1. Introduction

    2. Workers' Rights

    3. Time Change

    4. LGBT Rights [warning: not suitable for children]

    5. Alcohol Restrictions

    6. Women's Rights [warning: not suitable for children]

    7. Responding to Muslim Critics

    8. Paradigm Shift in Thinking

    9. Conclusion and Key Takeaway Point

    Link to the video does not work here. Search Youtube under: Detailed Response to Gary Lineker, Qatar World Cup 2022 – A Nuanced Lesson in Diversity and Inclusion

  7. Wheres Lineker outrage when Russia organised the world cup… its easy to be the white saviour when it comes to lecturing small non wnite nations like qatar… The russians oppressed the LGBTQ parade in Russia in 2017 …why was he silent then…!?!?!.. why are you scared of lecturing Putin …

  8. As a spurs and England fan since 86 I used to have a lot of respect for Lineker , but the man now is a total two faced hypocrite of the highest order , let's see what he protests about in four years time in America who have continually oppressed and violated most human rights since world war 2.
    Not to mention the millions lineker has made from Qatari deals in the last few years.
    No let's not talk about that , it's all beckhams fault now , 🤷🏽

  9. Who cares how many gol he shoot. Its not important. Respecting other country culture is more important. Which country is clean no corruption. You go Qatar to play football……if you want to play your bf ball please stay at your own country to go Qatar.

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