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32 comentarios en «Why World Cup transfers are problematic»
  1. Players work harder for world cups than for clubs, cuz one is for money and the other is patriotism. Just look at how great the goalkeepers were in this 2022 Qatar WC compare to how they keep in club matches

  2. It comes down to league and coach. Had Kleberson went to Sevilla Villarreal Atletico Valencia Departivo he would have been a star, look at Riqulme Forlan Júlio Baptista for examples. 03/04 Sevilla was stacked!!!! Ramos Dani Alves Jesus Navas Baptista Reyes. He went to United and Fergie wanted him to two feet a player let em know he's there like Butt and Phil Neville playing 442. It don't matter if he is 5'6 140Ib get stuck in lad lol Same with Veron the man was genius in Seria a pulling the strings at Parma and Lazio as deep playmaker pinging 40 yard outside foot low pass splitting teams midfield and defence strolling around time on the ball, Fergie understood that it didn't work in the league so he played him more in the Champions League or against technical teams in the league. Same would have happened to Xavi he considered going to United at one time.

  3. You didn't mention that big teams can afford to overpay for players. They can later sell them, but what they can't afford is to lose a chance to sign players like Messi, Ronaldo, Mbappe, Haaland, etc. What is better to buy 10 or 20 young players with relatively small amounts, among them is a player who would cost 100+ million in 5 years, or not buy young players and then shell out that 100+ million.

    Another phenomenon is what is known in USA leagues (NBA, NHL, MLB, NFL) as "contract year". There are a lot of players who will perform at peak level when they are up for a new bigger contract, but when they get that their game will drop back to the old level. World Cup is a perfect place for players to show what they got, so they get their paycheck and go back to their old level.

  4. i disagree that it seldom influences club's transfer policies, it's not that unheard of for players to garner more attention in the transfer market after performing well at an international tournament

  5. i disagree with your take on James Rodriguez. That was also a marketing move, James IG followers and pretty much his popularity sky rocketed and became a Global Icon during the world cup. Not only because he has an amazing world cup pefromance, but also because of his profile (Hyped young South American talent, marketing potential based on his physical apperance, and to grow Resal Madrid following/ populairty count during the world cup). Also, lets be honest, he was an exeptional player at his time at Porto, Monca and performed even better for the colombian nationa team. He declined because he's style of play and position does not trive under the new modern game. James is a tradition south american 10 and to be honst, the 10 position is dead as of now. He also was not the most consistent player under club football. He needed the team to cater for him so he can shine. Anyway, he was world class only for 1-2 seasons when drasticallly decline. Bueatiful but sad story

  6. I think the biggest point is that the scouting network is so broad it would be surprising that clubs hadn't heard of that player already if they're playing in a WC – an indication that they're probably overperforming at the tournament

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